Send someone a funny Celebrity Ecard – FOR FREE !!

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Surprise someone by sending them a message or greeting from some of the famous celebrities below.
To watch and listen to examples,   Click on their name, (if you click on the picture it just shows an image).    All the standard Ecards are FREE!!

NOTE – Standard Ecards are Flash files and may not work on iPad or iPhones.

NEW! Personalised video Ecard messages, where you write the script!! click here.

NEW! Phoneycalls , where you can book a sound alike celebrity to deliver  your message on the phone.  click here.



Take note that a few of the ecards contain swear words that maybe appropriate to the character. i.e. Ozzy, Nan, Ali G.
Any ecards that do contain swear words will have a warning accompanying it.

Suggestions or problems?

If you have a suggestion for a new character or you have a problem, please use the contact form on the bottom right hand column. Or ring 07886846438

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